Dedicated and Professional Art Tutors to Help You Achieve your Creative Goals

Art tutors at The Independent Art School

Our Tutors

The Independent Art School select professional and inspirational art tutors who are passionate about passing on their artistic expertise. We work with a range of tutors – from practising artists to heads of art departments in some of the leading schools and colleges in their area.

Our tutors have all been through a rigorous interview process in which they have had to demonstrate a through understanding of fine art, a talent for teaching and a significant level of professional experience.

We have tutors specialising in almost every area of fine art – including painting in acrylics, painting in oils, painting in watercolours, drawing, sculpture, photograph, instillation and film.

What our Tutors say

“I’ve met some lovely students, and I have learnt a great deal from them as they themselves learn from me.  It’s wonderful to see our students grow in confidence, start to experiment, learn new skills as the world of art is slowly de-mystified for them.” Helen

“When I teach students I show them techniques and how to use certain media, but I do not encourage them to paint, draw etc like I do, I feel it is important they use their own imagination, ideas and technique, I simply guide them and help them improve their work.” Jenna

What our Students say

“My confidence has grown so much during the year and my mind has been opened to all kinds of possibilities. I really appreciate the fact that I was encouraged to explore my own ideas, even though at first I didn’t really know what they were.

I was encouraged to see the value in the process, rather than just the end product, something I have always promoted as a primary teacher, but had not applied to myself!

What I loved was that nothing was imposed – it was very much a ‘student-centred’ approach, as against a subject-centred one.” Maureen