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Life Drawing The Independent Art School

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We charge a monthly fee of £49 for classes. You can cancel the fees at any time, allowing flexibility and convenience.


Basic materials are included for use in class.

Life Drawing class The Independent Art School When

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm


Ongoing – simply sign up online and attend the next Tuesday


Custard Factory, 2 Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA


£49 per month

Life drawing is one of the most effective ways to improve drawing, painting, sculptural and observational skills and is incredibly rewarding.

The shapes found in the human figure echo shapes in all areas of nature and learning to draw from a human form can benefit all areas of your artistic practice.

This is a perfect course for complete beginners, intermediates and those who wish to create professional portfolios. Each student will receive plenty of 1:1 support aimed at their individual level of experience

Happy Students
“I am so happy I have joined the life drawing class with The Independent Art School.  I had an incredible and fun time.  I have learned a lot of different techniques and approaches, our teacher was very enthusiastic, always ready to help and always inspiring. This is my second course with this school and I will definitely join the future courses without hesitation.  I liked a lot how each class was set up – we were encouraged to use new materials, explore new ideas and at the same time keep own unique touch.  I am very proud of my achievements at both courses and they helped a lot in my own personal art interests.” Katya
“Learning about negative and positive spaces today – wow!  I don’t think my drawings will ever be the same again.  Thank you for a fantastic class, can’t wait for the next one!” Hannah
“A really good Life Drawing course, I would certainly recommend joining” Mark