Yaazhini’s Artwork

Written by Miss Hannah Brown, Artist and Teacher for The Independent Art School.

I have been tutoring Yaazhini regularly for almost a year and a half. During this time, Yaazhini has grown in confidence and has produced a vast range of unique artworks using many different materials and techniques.

We initially began developing Yaazhini’s observational drawing skills and studied bugs, beetles and butterflies.The drawing excersises really helped Yaazhini to look closely at the form and patternation of the creepy- crawlies. Yaazhini quickly made progress with the insect project and was able to accurately draw what she had carefully observed.

After successfully completing our first project, Yaazhini embarked on a challenging Self-Portrait assignment. To commence this project, Yaazhini began looking in the mirror. After learning the basic rules for self-portraiture, we began to create a wonderful pencil drawing. I was particularly impressed by Yaazhini’s shading and her technical use of the grades of pencils. After completing this drawing, we looked at different artists who create Self-Portraits and made lots of work in collage, pen and paint in response to their artworks. We also looked at tribal masks and made a contemporary three-dimensional version.


Along the way, Yaazhini has used mixed-media in many of her artworks, she has excelled in her use of oil pastels and watercolours, learnt the rules of the colour wheel and has made a number of beautiful woven pieces on a mini cardboard loom. We have constructed a large fish sculpture out of recycled materials and made seasonal decorations out of salt dough. Recently we completed a very successful architecture project that focused on drawing and poly-printing. Yaazhini has also looked into art history and can identify artworks from Impressionism, Pop art, Expressionism and Cubism.

Yaazhini is now developing her graphic and design skills by producing Rangoli inspired zentangle patterns with bright pens. Our future lessons will cover clay work, drawing on site at the Whitworth Art Gallery and textiles.

Yaazhini is a fantastic student who is a perfectionist. I thoroughly enjoy teaching her!